Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Fruits breed in countryside
The growth of the republic
The strength of the denizens
Banana Republic

The think-tank neglected
The artisans wallowing in exploration
The pedagogues striking on emoluments
Banana Republic

The whippersnappers in jeopardy and farce
The geriatric feeding on roughshod
The womenfolk microscope as doxy
Banana Republic

A republic without peel
A republic without vegetation
A republic without fertility
Banana Republic

*This is a tribute to Nigerian 57 Independent Anniversary
©Ifiok Uko
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Who are you referring to!

There is no partnership
There is no personality
There is no prosperity or poverty
In death

Who can confront it
Who can escape from it
Who is who
Not in death

The only language that have no interpreter
The only happenings without invitation
The only visitor without warm reception

Solitary Odyssey

The Solitary Odyssey

Goals set by self conviction
Strategies draw by self
Working towards self
The Solitary Odyssey

Burdens shared by self
Loads lifted up by self
Steps taken by self
The Solitary Odyssey

Choice made by self
Living is a choice
Garbage in garbage out(GIGO)
The fading of life without self
The Solitary Odyssey

The birth of man is self
The death of man is self
The rising and falling
The Solitary Odyssey

The selfhood of man
Not the selfishness of being
Nay the supernatural of existence
The Solitary Odyssey